Summary #13: INTERLAKEN

Source: On Top of the World At Jungfraujoch


This articla is about the Jungfraujoch, near Interlaken, Switzerland. 13,642 feet the Jungfraujoch is called the top of Europe. The Jungfraujoch route uses three railway lines to travel 9,473 feet from Interlaken to the Jungfraujoch, a resort at 11,333 feet on the Jungfrau south ridge. It takes passengers to the highest railway station in Europe and to up-close views of the peaks, glacier walks, vistas stretching to France and Germany and a palace of ice. There are several ways to get top of the Jungfraujoch, and those are all take quite long time, about two hours from Interlaken. The article introduce ways to go to the Jungfraujoch, how much it costs, and where to stay.

Not only the long way and time to go to the Jungfraujoch, also weather is difficult point to go there. If weather is snowy, the Jungfraujoch is usually snowy, you cannot go there and even if you barely got there, you cannot see anything and just have to way back. Luckily, I got perfect timing, so I could enjoy clean view. I wish I could go to the Jungfraujoch again, so much.

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Summary #12: FUSSEN

Source: Bavaria’s Royal Enigma Still Fascinates


The article is about the extraordinary German King Ludwig II and his castle, Neuschwanstein. Include the castle, things he made are spark the imagination of people around the world. The world is sold an image that every Bavarian is a kind of Ludwig, obviously that isn’t true, but tourism promoters consciously push the idea. Ludwig is one of the biggest things Bavaria has to offer. Not many people object to the marketing. After touring the 15 completed rooms of the 80-room castle, many visitors snap up picture books and souvenir beer mugs, pocket knives, spoons, thimbles, bookmarks, ash trays and letter-openers. The Bavarian government has violated Ludwig’s wish that Neuschwanstein be kept closed and never be “profaned by the inquisitive.”


Summary #11: MILAN

Source: Milan can bring Seoul into fashion world


This article includes an interview with the Milan Mayor. The article says that Milan Mayor and Seoul Mayor signed a memorandum. They are focusing on business of fashion and design. Milan is called a city of fashion, actually. They are planning some programs for exchange of artistic value.

Writer said that Milan is a city of fashion and can bring Seoul into fashion world. Actually, I cannot understand why Milan is the city of fashion. Just before I go to Milan, I was excited to experience the fashion city. But Milan wasn’t that much fascinating. Fist, Milan was too small than I thought. And, the design of clothes was not that nice. There’s no character food, fascinating clothes, and charming attractions. Milan has no impression, I think.


Summary #10: VENICE

Source: Time to act on global warming


This is an opinion about global warming. The writing starts with last summer’s hot weather in Korea. The hot weather is an indicator of accelerated climate change by global warming. The writer mentioned a shocking recent report. The report predicted climb of the sea level. And it also says that in the event of the scenario, many coastal cities including Venice will disappear into the sea. The writer wants to say leading economies should pay more attention to climate change. In conclusion, the writer says humans have caused the current environmental problems, but at the same time.




It will be a shame if we lost Venice because of the climate change. I cannot forget Venice’s distinctive view. The city is floating city in Italy. Actually I couldn’t fully enjoy Venice because of its hot and humid weather. I heard the notorious weather of Italy but I’m really shocked by Italy’s weather was too hot and humid to that extent. Well, it’s because I went there after visit Austria, maybe.


Anyway, all of my friends visited Venice say that it is beautiful city but I couldn’t enjoy the view because of the weather. I wanted just get out of there.


Summary #9: VIENNA

Source: ‘Before Midnight’ as charming as its predecessors



The article is about a movie, “Before Midnight”. It is a sequel of “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”. The article was informing the date of the movie premiere. In the first series, Before Sunrise, the American man and the French woman, the movie’s main two young characters, met in a train bound for Vienna. In Before Midnight, they are now 40s. Jesse, the American man, has continued to success as an author ― in “Before Sunset,” he wrote a book based on his brief romance with Celine, the French woman, in Vienna.


The situation between Jesse and Celine can possibly happen in that lovely city, Vienna, I think. Vienna is quite small city but it is peaceful and nice. You can look around the city just in a half of a day. Downtown city is full of beautiful antique buildings. The buildings have a long history and most of those are used for government office, such as embassies. Incidentally, one of my friend who live in Vienna told me that the French Embassy in Vienna is Vienna’s the most beautiful building that Viennese think.


This photo is not the French Embassy, I just put it because It is quite nice architecture too.


And Thanks for that friend, I could go to a suburb of Vienna with her. Actually, Vienna’s suburb was better than downtown to me. I had a unique local lunch at peaceful garden restaurant. Before go Vienna, I thought there has not good tradition food because Austria is not famous for food. But my thought was totally wrong. The meat and bread that I had in the restaurant was one of the best meal during my travel. The best thing was that the restaurant has a vinery, and they make grape juice and wine from there. I enjoyed both, and the grape juice was the best of all fruit juice I’ve ever had. If I got a chance to go Europe again, I really want to go Vienna again. And I want to stay longer than last time. I’m blaming myself for that I planned to stay in Vienna just two days.


This is the photo in the restaurant!

Blog Entry


This post is a short description about my blog, Ryung’s Travel.

As you can see, my blog theme is “travel”. Contents of my blog is mainly about where I traveled, especially my favorite cities. I went to Europe last vacation that is the most vivid idea to me. So I set my theme for travel and I wanted to share my memories. My blog’s goals are share my feelings, tell you some tips for travel, and finally  make you feel to go those cities. So, after looking into my blog if you feel to go there, I will very happy for achieving my blog goal.

The first thing I want to write is travel for Europe, my last summer vacation trip.

And if I have a chance, I will write about other cities, Jeon-ju, my favorite city in Korea, Je-ju and Haerbin in China.

This is a video about the travel for Europe made by a tour company. After watching this video, I felt bad that I didn’t take videos during my trip. I want to make a short video from next trip.

This video is about Jeon-ju. It is my favorite city, and as you can see from this video, you don’t have to spend to many days for travel, you can spend just a day in Jeon-ju. That is really good thing for me to travel Jeon-ju because I love to travel on the spur of the moment especially without planning. Jeon-ju is the perfect for that.

I didn’t take videos like those, but I took many pictures and had a nice time so I will post summaries related my travel. Thank you for reading!

Personal Dictionary Word #30: Penetrate

Word: penetrate (verb)

Source Sentence: Following Hong’s equalizer, Lee had almost given South Korea a lead in the 71st. He intercepted a pass in midfield and penetrated deep into the Swiss zone, but his shot was deflected out of play by two opposing defenders. Though he didn’t score a goal, forward Kim Shin-wook was also the offensive spark plug for South Korea. In the 55th, Kim took a feed from midfield and deftly set up the charging Lee Chung-yong, whose shot from the top of the box was barely kept out by goalkeeper Benaglio. (

English Definition: If something or someone penetrates a physical object or an area, they succeed in getting into it or passing through it.

Synonyms / Antonyms: get to the bottom of, suss, decipher

Korean Definition:

1. ~ (into/through/to) sth 뚫고 들어가다; 관통하다

2. (조직 등에 특히 어렵게) 뚫고 들어가다[침투하다]

3. 꿰뚫어 보다; 관통하여 보여주다

 4. (의미 등을) 간파하다[꿰뚫다]

5. 이해[인식]되다

Personal Sentence: The eyes of owls can penetrate the dark.

Personal Dictionary Word #29: Exacerbate

Word: exacerbate (verb)

Source Sentence: That dazzling career came to an abrupt halt about five years ago when what was initially a minor discomfort in her fingers treated with cortisone cream worsened as she underwent treatment for hepatitis C. The six-month treatment regime left her joints weak during a heavy touring season, exacerbating the condition and she chose to “retire.” She went into teaching and focused on raising her two sons in New York. (

English Definition: If something exacerbates a problem or bad situation, it makes it worse.

Synonyms / Antonyms: aggravate

Korean Definition: (격식) (특히 질병・문제를) 악화시키다

Personal Sentence: The symptoms maybe exacerbated bt certain drugs.

Personal Dictionary Word #28: Furtively

Word: furtively (adverb)

Source Sentence: Teenagers in school uniforms play games on fancy smartphones while some passengers nod off as warm air wafts from the heater. Young ladies look furtively at mirrors to fix their makeup, and Japanese tourists stare curiously at an advertisement featuring two contrasting pictures of a woman before and after plastic surgery. Self-appointed preachers, peddlers of cheap goods and inconsiderate passengers watching TV with the volume up loud sometimes raise the eyebrows of commuters. (

English Definition: Furtiveness is the practice of hiding information from certain individuals or groups, perhaps while sharing it with other individuals. That which is kept hidden is known as the secret. Furtiveness is often controversial, depending on the content of the secret, the group or people keeping the secret, and the motivation for furtiveness. Furtiveness by government entities is often decried as excessive or in promotion of poor operation; excessive revelation of information on individuals can conflict with virtues of privacy and confidentiality. It is often contrasted with social Transparency.

Synonyms / Antonyms: secrecy, clandestinity

Korean Definition: 몰래, 살그머니, 슬쩍

Personal Sentence: He looked at her answer sheet furtively over her shoulder.

Personal Dictionary Word #27: Numbness

Word: numbness (noun)

Source Sentence: Office worker Mr. A often felt stiffness of the neck, a heavy sensation on the shoulders as if burdened by a rock, headache, eye pain, and weakness and numbness of his arms after office work, computer work, reading on the couch or driving for a long time. He decided to see a doctor because he was worried that it could be a stroke, cervical disk prolapse, or some other serious condition. After many tests and examinations he asked the doctor what the diagnosis was. (

English Definition: be paralyzed

Synonyms / Antonyms: paresthesia, paralysis

Korean Definition: (추위·충격 따위로) (일시) 감각을 잃음, 마비됨, 저림; 무감각, 둔해짐.

Personal Sentence: I have recently been suffering from pain and numbness in my hands.