Word: numbness (noun)

Source Sentence: Office worker Mr. A often felt stiffness of the neck, a heavy sensation on the shoulders as if burdened by a rock, headache, eye pain, and weakness and numbness of his arms after office work, computer work, reading on the couch or driving for a long time. He decided to see a doctor because he was worried that it could be a stroke, cervical disk prolapse, or some other serious condition. After many tests and examinations he asked the doctor what the diagnosis was. (http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20131114001012)

English Definition: be paralyzed

Synonyms / Antonyms: paresthesia, paralysis

Korean Definition: (추위·충격 따위로) (일시) 감각을 잃음, 마비됨, 저림; 무감각, 둔해짐.

Personal Sentence: I have recently been suffering from pain and numbness in my hands.