Word: penetrate (verb)

Source Sentence: Following Hong’s equalizer, Lee had almost given South Korea a lead in the 71st. He intercepted a pass in midfield and penetrated deep into the Swiss zone, but his shot was deflected out of play by two opposing defenders. Though he didn’t score a goal, forward Kim Shin-wook was also the offensive spark plug for South Korea. In the 55th, Kim took a feed from midfield and deftly set up the charging Lee Chung-yong, whose shot from the top of the box was barely kept out by goalkeeper Benaglio. (http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20131115000900)

English Definition: If something or someone penetrates a physical object or an area, they succeed in getting into it or passing through it.

Synonyms / Antonyms: get to the bottom of, suss, decipher

Korean Definition:

1. ~ (into/through/to) sth 뚫고 들어가다; 관통하다

2. (조직 등에 특히 어렵게) 뚫고 들어가다[침투하다]

3. 꿰뚫어 보다; 관통하여 보여주다

 4. (의미 등을) 간파하다[꿰뚫다]

5. 이해[인식]되다

Personal Sentence: The eyes of owls can penetrate the dark.