This post is a short description about my blog, Ryung’s Travel.

As you can see, my blog theme is “travel”. Contents of my blog is mainly about where I traveled, especially my favorite cities. I went to Europe last vacation that is the most vivid idea to me. So I set my theme for travel and I wanted to share my memories. My blog’s goals are share my feelings, tell you some tips for travel, and finally¬† make you feel to go those cities. So, after looking into my blog if you feel to go there, I will very happy for achieving my blog goal.

The first thing I want to write is travel for Europe, my last summer vacation trip.

And if I have a chance, I will write about other cities, Jeon-ju, my favorite city in Korea, Je-ju and Haerbin in China.

This is a video about the travel for Europe made by a tour company. After watching this video, I felt bad that I didn’t take videos during my trip. I want to make a short video from next trip.

This video is about Jeon-ju. It is my favorite city, and as you can see from this video, you don’t have to spend to many days for travel, you can spend just a day in Jeon-ju. That is really good thing for me to travel Jeon-ju because I love to travel on the spur of the moment especially without planning. Jeon-ju is the perfect for that.

I didn’t take videos like those, but I took many pictures and had a nice time so I will post summaries related my travel. Thank you for reading!