Source: ‘Before Midnight’ as charming as its predecessors



The article is about a movie, “Before Midnight”. It is a sequel of “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”. The article was informing the date of the movie premiere. In the first series, Before Sunrise, the American man and the French woman, the movie’s main two young characters, met in a train bound for Vienna. In Before Midnight, they are now 40s. Jesse, the American man, has continued to success as an author ― in “Before Sunset,” he wrote a book based on his brief romance with Celine, the French woman, in Vienna.


The situation between Jesse and Celine can possibly happen in that lovely city, Vienna, I think. Vienna is quite small city but it is peaceful and nice. You can look around the city just in a half of a day. Downtown city is full of beautiful antique buildings. The buildings have a long history and most of those are used for government office, such as embassies. Incidentally, one of my friend who live in Vienna told me that the French Embassy in Vienna is Vienna’s the most beautiful building that Viennese think.


This photo is not the French Embassy, I just put it because It is quite nice architecture too.


And Thanks for that friend, I could go to a suburb of Vienna with her. Actually, Vienna’s suburb was better than downtown to me. I had a unique local lunch at peaceful garden restaurant. Before go Vienna, I thought there has not good tradition food because Austria is not famous for food. But my thought was totally wrong. The meat and bread that I had in the restaurant was one of the best meal during my travel. The best thing was that the restaurant has a vinery, and they make grape juice and wine from there. I enjoyed both, and the grape juice was the best of all fruit juice I’ve ever had. If I got a chance to go Europe again, I really want to go Vienna again. And I want to stay longer than last time. I’m blaming myself for that I planned to stay in Vienna just two days.


This is the photo in the restaurant!