Source: Time to act on global warming


This is an opinion about global warming. The writing starts with last summer’s hot weather in Korea. The hot weather is an indicator of accelerated climate change by global warming. The writer mentioned a shocking recent report. The report predicted climb of the sea level. And it also says that in the event of the scenario, many coastal cities including Venice will disappear into the sea. The writer wants to say leading economies should pay more attention to climate change. In conclusion, the writer says humans have caused the current environmental problems, but at the same time.




It will be a shame if we lost Venice because of the climate change. I cannot forget Venice’s distinctive view. The city is floating city in Italy. Actually I couldn’t fully enjoy Venice because of its hot and humid weather. I heard the notorious weather of Italy but I’m really shocked by Italy’s weather was too hot and humid to that extent. Well, it’s because I went there after visit Austria, maybe.


Anyway, all of my friends visited Venice say that it is beautiful city but I couldn’t enjoy the view because of the weather. I wanted just get out of there.